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Episode 46: Adam Curran and Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt on Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure

Dec 4, 2020

Adam talks with functional and environmental physician Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt. Known to patients as Dr. B, he is the founder of Deeper Healing, where they “dive deep” into what’s really going on with your health. Dr. B has long recognized that there is usually not one thing, but a combination of things that distress the body. Using the examples of cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Adam’s personal story, they discuss how to get to the root of the issue so that you truly can live “well.”


Check out Dr. B and Deeper Healing: https://deeperhealing.com/


Dr. B’s guidebook: https://curranfinancialpartners.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/DEEPER-HEALING-GUIDEBOOK.pdf 

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  • Dr. B explains how your body is a chemical experiment, not a box of gears, and how environmental, hereditary, and emotional factors (like stress) all affect it.
  • Adam talks to Dr. B about cholesterol and high blood pressure and why he is interested in pursuing options other than prescription drugs.
  • Dr. B reminds us that, be it mold, cholesterol, or covid, “a healthy immune system is your best defense against any disease.”



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