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Episode 31: Adam Curran and Danielle Howley on All Things Health Care

In this episode, Adam talks with Deeper Healing’s Danielle Howley about how her husband’s chronic health condition (the result of a virus doctors said was “untreatable”) lead her on a path of research, discovery, and entrepreneurialism. Danielle’s perspective on health, immunity, and the state of health care in our country is one you’re not going…
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Episode 30: Adam Curran and Attorney David Aylor on Law in the Lowcountry

In this episode, Adam talks with Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney David Aylor on practicing law in the Lowcountry. As the founder of the firm voted “Best Law Firm” in Charleston, David’s commitment to the Sixth Amendment (everyone deserves a fair trial and fair representation) is self-evident. Listen in on a fascinating discussion on…
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Episode 29: Adam Curran and Dr. Gary Metts on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

In this episode, Adam talks with Dr. Gary Metts on all things police. As an Air Force veteran, graduate of the FBI Academy, augmented Secret Service, and current professor of criminal justice at Charleston Southern University, few people know more in this arena. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Gary has insight…
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Episode 28: Adam Curran and Kelli Garrett on Charleston Real Estate Investing

Real estate investor Kelli Garrett always has been and always will be “all about the hustle.” And nobody hustles harder. As the College of Charleston’s women’s basketball all-time leading scorer, Kelli’s #14 jersey still hangs in the rafters of the arena to this day. In this episode, Adam and Kelli hone in on the topic…
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Episode 27: Adam Curran and Candidate for U.S. Congress Nancy Mace on the Issues

In this episode, Adam talks with South Carolina State Representative and GOP congressional nominee, Nancy Mace. Listen in as they discuss her recent positive test result for COVID-19 and her response. They talk about the economy, the epidemic, the riots, the President, the current division in our country, and the importance of bipartisan legislation if…
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Episode 26: Adam Curran and Daniel Brownstein on Charleston Politics, Leadership, and Development

In this episode, Adam Curran and Daniel Brownstein discuss politics, leadership, and land development in Charleston. Daniel is the Democratic nominee for District 112 in the South Carolina House of Representatives, which represents much of Mount Pleasant from Simmons Street in old Mount Pleasant all the way up to Park West and Carolina Park as well…
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Episode 25: Adam Curran and Jarrett Hodson on Charleston Real Estate Investing

In this episode, Adam Curran interviews Jarrett Hodson, Founder of SweetGrass Capital. As both a mortgage lender and investor, Jarrett is steeped in the Charleston residential real estate market. After graduating from The Citadel, Jarrett quickly became one of South Carolina’s top mortgage lenders. In 2015, he made the move to Midland Mortgage Corporation because of the unique combination…
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Episode 24: What My Midlife Crisis Taught Me About Retirement Planning

Some might say Adam’s a little young for a midlife crisis (and don’t worry, he didn’t get a sports car or grow a ponytail). But after dealing with a few tough circumstances in life, he’s been doing a bit of soul searching. And now that he’s on the other side, he’d like to share the…
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Episode 23: Dividend Investing

Not much makes sense in the financial markets right now. That said, we’ve got to make hay while the sun shines. And betting on the end of the world is very rarely a profitable strategy. So how do you keep investing wisely? There are actually companies—many, many companies—that have increased their dividend every year for…
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Episode 22: Adam Curran and Mount Pleasant Town Council Member Jake Rambo on the Issues

Adam interviews Mount Pleasant Town Council Member, Jake Rambo. This episode, Adam and Jake shoot straight, telling you how they view what’s going on today in the economy and current events, both locally and on the state level.  Politics, education, restaurants, development, the Coronavirus, and the recent riots. No topic is off-limits in their candid…
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