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Episode 40: Adam Curran and Charlie Kirby on Cybersecurity

Adam talks with cybersecurity expert, and personal friend, Charlie Kirby. Together, they discuss the real threats cybersecurity poses, from the micro (identity theft, for example) to the macro (think sophisticated geopolitical attacks). In their fireside chat-style conversation, Adam and Charlie discuss today’s most serious threats while also finding the humor and levity in today’s ever-changing digital world.
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Episode 39: Adam Curran and Corey Alan of The Overton Report

Adam talks with Corey Alan, founder of The Overton Report. Together, they discuss the recent riots, the BLM movement, and the police. Corey made it his mission to shine a light on the news stories that DON’T get reported by the mainstream media—stories happening right now, right here in Charleston.   Check out Corey’s page,…
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Episode 38: The Difference Between Public and Private REITs

Let’s talk about REITs, or Real Estate Investment Trusts. In this episode, Adam discusses the pros and cons of investing in real estate investment trusts, the difference between public and private REITs, and what you need to know when investing in these instruments.
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Episode 37: Invest in Businesses You Understand

Curious about Adam’s investment philosophy and how he is investing in his own personal money?  Listen in on Adam’s stories of the various businesses that comprise his portfolio and his experiences in working with them in his day-to-day life. He explains why investors ought to get back to the basics when deciding which stocks they ought to…
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Episode 36: Ways to Combat Inflation

In the wake of the Coronavirus, the monetary supply has increased by 25%. And this has a lot of people worried about inflation. So how do you invest to make sure your money keeps pace with inflation? And what place should gold and sliver have within your portfolio? In this episode, Adam discusses how he’s…
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Episode 35: Adam Curran and Tyler Gibbons, CPA, Tackle Taxes

Adam talks with Tyler K. Gibbons, Partner at Riser Gibbons & Carpenter, LLP. As a second-generation CPA, tax accounting is something that runs in Tyler’s blood. In this episode, Adam and Tyler tackle it all—from the political (Trump Tax Reform, the IRS, and stimulus plans) to the personal (IRAs, small business strategies, and what to watch out…
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Episode 34: Adam Curran and Andrew Hare of Vertical Roots on Food

In this episode, Adam talks with Andrew Hare, co-founder of Vertical Roots, a hydroponic farm company growing nutrient-dense lettuce. What started as scribbles on a napkin with high school friend Matt Daniels in 2015 is now a thriving enterprise bringing sustainable farming and fresh produce Charleston. For foodies and farmers alike, this is an episode…
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Episode 33: Adam Curran Talks with Trista the Barista All Things Instagram

In this episode, Adam talks with “Trista the Barista” (and her mom, Rebecca Kutcher) on all things Instagram and influence. “If you give Trista a goal, she will accomplish it,” says Rebecca. And whether it’s starting a business or qualifying for the World Special Olympics in Ireland, there doesn’t seem to be much Trista can’t do. This…
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Episode 32: Adam Curran and Holy City Sinner’s Christian Senger on the Media

In this episode, Adam talks with Christian Senger, the man behind Holy City Sinner. For the last six years, the website and its Twitter feed have been voted Best in Charleston. Adam and Christian cover the news media, social media, and current events in Charleston and our nation. And though sitting on opposite sides of…
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Episode 31: Adam Curran and Danielle Howley on All Things Health Care

In this episode, Adam talks with Deeper Healing’s Danielle Howley about how her husband’s chronic health condition (the result of a virus doctors said was “untreatable”) lead her on a path of research, discovery, and entrepreneurialism. Danielle’s perspective on health, immunity, and the state of health care in our country is one you’re not going…
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