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Episode 25: Adam Curran and Jarrett Hodson on Charleston Real Estate Investing

Jul 3, 2020

In this episode, Adam Curran interviews Jarrett Hodson, Founder of SweetGrass Capital. As both a mortgage lender and investor, Jarrett is steeped in the Charleston residential real estate market. After graduating from The Citadel, Jarrett quickly became one of South Carolina’s top mortgage lenders. In 2015, he made the move to Midland Mortgage Corporation because of the unique combination of local corporate decisions and a history of over 30 years in Charleston. Now as a producing branch manager, Jarrett’s primary aim is helping both his team and his clients achieve their most ambitious financial goals.


Listen in on Adam and Jarrett’s dynamic discussion to learn about the current climate in Charleston real estate and where they see the market and financing headed in the future. Their discussion is an insider’s peek behind the scenes into the Charleston real estate market and answers many of the top questions investors are asking.

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  • What is the current climate of the Charleston real estate market?
  • Where will marketing and financing head in the future?
  • Adam and Jarrett attempt to answer many of the top questions investors are asking.



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