The Baer Family

Episode 78: The Big 3 – Jesus, Politics and Money with Adam Curran and Michael Baer

Feb 24, 2023

Adam sits down with fellow colleague and friend, Michael Baer, to tackle the big 3: Jesus, politics and money. From their first meeting at Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University nearly 8 years ago to both having 4 (almost, Adam!) young ones at home, the candid discussion naturally pivots from humble beginnings, to faith, to finance and back.

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  • The transition from being just a “spiritual tourist” to being our in-house pastor
  • Fisher is not right for retirees and holding on to certain Covid names for too long
  • It doesn’t matter what all of the financial gurus say, because every single human being is going to want a financial plan based on their own life experiences



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