A Liquid Nitrogen bank containing suspension of stem cells. Cell culture for the biomedical diagnostic.

Episode 52: Adam Curran and Fulton Wooten on Stem Cell Research

Jan 15, 2021

Adam talks with regenerative therapy consultant Fulton Wooten on all things stem cell research. The science has come a long way in the last decades and Fulton sheds a light on how this research is conductive in an ethical and humane way and how this research is advancing what’s possible when it comes to genetic health treatment. Listen in for an eye-opening and informative discussion on advancements in health science!


Curious to learn more? Email Fulton at FultonWooten@gmail.com

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  • Fulton explains how stem cell research had been conducted in the past, advances in the field, and how it’s done today.
  • Adam talks to Fulton about how this science is being used in gene therapy to advance what’s possible in health care.
  • Fulton explains how these cells help your own body to regenerate and heal itself!




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