Tyler Gibbons

Episode 35: Adam Curran and Tyler Gibbons, CPA, Tackle Taxes

Aug 25, 2020

Adam talks with Tyler K. Gibbons, Partner at Riser Gibbons & Carpenter, LLP. As a second-generation CPA, tax accounting is something that runs in Tyler’s blood. In this episode, Adam and Tyler tackle it all—from the political (Trump Tax Reform, the IRS, and stimulus plans) to the personal (IRAs, small business strategies, and what to watch out for). Together, they shine some light on an incredibly complex, but critical, topic when it comes to managing your money!


Check out Tyler’s firm, Riser Gibbons & Carpenter, LLP: http://www.rmgcpas.com/

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  • Andrew and Adam talk about the value in knowing your financial snapshot: where your money’s going, where it’s invested, and how to limit that tax liability as much as possible.
  • Listen in as Adam and Tyler discuss Trump Tax Reform, proposed economic stimulus plans, and what’s really getting passed through Congress right now.
  • They dive deep (and share some valuable nuggets of wisdom) when it comes to small business tax-saving strategies.



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