Kelli Garrett

Episode 28: Adam Curran and Kelli Garrett on Charleston Real Estate Investing

Jul 24, 2020

Real estate investor Kelli Garrett always has been and always will be “all about the hustle.” And nobody hustles harder. As the College of Charleston’s women’s basketball all-time leading scorer, Kelli’s #14 jersey still hangs in the rafters of the arena to this day. In this episode, Adam and Kelli hone in on the topic of being your personal best. And how the same rules that apply in basketball apply in the world of business.


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Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  • Just as she spent more time on the court in college than anyone else, she also takes more shots in her business ventures today. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Her advice: focus-in on what you’re good at, and do a whole lot more of it.
  • Listen as Adam and Kelli discuss the real estate market in Charleston, private lending, investment strategy, single-family vs. multi-family properties, and just how many contracts you need to submit to get in the game.
  • They also cover faith and finance and how, for Kelli, the more money she makes, the more generous she can afford to be. It’s an episode that will make you think not only about how you manage your money and do business, but how you live your very best life. 



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