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Episode 24: What My Midlife Crisis Taught Me About Retirement Planning

Jun 26, 2020

Some might say Adam’s a little young for a midlife crisis (and don’t worry, he didn’t get a sports car or grow a ponytail). But after dealing with a few tough circumstances in life, he’s been doing a bit of soul searching. And now that he’s on the other side, he’d like to share the lessons he learned on his way through.

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  • How does it feel to reach all your goals in life? Sometimes, it’s not how you think.
  • How getting the Coronavirus changed Adam’s perspective on… well… a lot.
  • What happens when you realize you want something slightly different out of life. And how to readjust your sails to make sure you’re sailing in that new direction!



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