100 Dollar Bills

Episode 13: The Income Rainbow

Feb 7, 2020

As a baby, your financial needs are relatively simple. As you grow and mature, however, your needs grow with you. Throughout adulthood, your financial picture becomes increasingly complex. They say the most expensive year of your life is around your 57th birthday. From there on out, you’ll need less and less money. In this episode, Adam talks about how to make sure retirees are using their money in the most satisfying way possible, both in their active years and later on in life.

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  • How you can create an investment strategy and financial plan that tappers your income so that it reflects your actual life as you live it.
  • Why you might consider spending more than you normally would on “big ticket” items (such as redoing your kitchen) or “luxury” experiences (like taking a trip to Alaska, first-class) once you retire. 
  • Answer this question: What are you waiting for? Give yourself permission to enjoy your money now. Make sure you live your very best life! 



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